Panty shopping at Sears!!  lol

Pretty panties…..

Wet Kisses

Angel  :)

Love Pink!  

The taste of satin!  

Matching panties!  :)

Sheer Massage!

Little Red panties!  

Do you know of any certain sites or torrents that show straight couples playing in lingerie and stockings? I think the photos you post are some of the sexiest I've ever seen and would love to watch videos.

Thank you :)  There is nothing on the web like this which is very frustrating.  Thats why i started posting pics years ago, i decided i would just create the kind of porn i wanted to see. lol  There is a site called pantie boyz but they are a rip off, they use my photos on their front page, that they stole from me.  I’ve had people try to get me to start a web site for years but im really just an exhibitionist.  lol   However, i started re-thinking it when Real Estate crashed.  haha